Thursday, January 03, 2019

Yes, it’s the Space Age

  Yesterday a CBC news reader talking about the New Horizons probe moved on to the next story by saying “Meanwhile, here on Earth,” and gave a little laugh. Disbelief ? Delight? Whatevever the case, I don’t think we will be laughing at  such usages for much longer.  Ultima Thule - or today, thanks to China, the far side of the Moon - is a place that you can go. Or at least, send a package to.


  1. Really nice and informative blog, keep it up buddy…Thanks for sharing

  2. Disbelief? Delight? Cynical resignation. more like! But - why did the Chinese choose that name?

  3. Hi, Scott! I detected no cynicism. Indeed coverage of Space in all sorts of media has been very positive for a while, verging on the Gosh-wow., It's us older people who have to relearn the positivity..