Saturday, September 26, 2020

Another Korean historical movie -- Saimdang memoir of colors

Quite a while back I was singing the praises of Rookie historian goo hae-rung, a very entertaining story of women rising thru 16th-century Joseon (Korea) despite the resistance of aristocratic ministers of the Crown. Well, the pushy women and the stubborn -even evil - ministers are back in a TV series featuring painting, making high-quality paper, and time-travel. Like the other series Saimdang: Memoir of Colors has many of the same elements, including a King who is entirely isolated among his ministers and can be ruthless as a result. There are some flaws. It is really long. And the art is interesting. The 21st century story-line is not nearly as interesting as the 16th century one, but give the other a chance.

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