Thursday, January 13, 2022

Hollywood clichés

I am sure there are many, many movie fans and even (gasp!) movie critics who could do a better job on this post, but I feel a need to say something myself about the phenomenon. And the phenomenon is – the amazingly restricted number of cliches that are in movies in the Hollywood traditions. Like a lot of people over the last two years, I have spent more time watching Netflix than ever before. I could not help notice how often certain phrases, actions, and themes showed up. Big news, eh?

But what really struck me was how omnipresent these cliches were. I could hardly get away from them. The list could be longer but I lost some earlier versions. SCRIPT:

/b It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.

I have no choice. There’s always a choice

He’s a good man.

It’s complicated.

Thank you..for everything.

VISUAL ELEMENT: The protaganist or a villain or somebody else, overcome by anger sweeps a bunch of cluttter off a desk, smashing most of it. THEME: Father and Son don’t get along. Sometimes one of them is dead. Of course there are plenty of real father-son conflicts around the globe, but watch a few of these father-son movies and see if you think this item belongs on my list.

Like I said, this is not news. However, what does it say about the making of movies that somebody has to smash the office furniture, so, so often? Who is responsible for making endless confessions of responsibility for blameworthy activity -- with vast numbers of the offenders being immediately excused by their friends or partners or commanding officers?

Do real people say “he’s a good man?” Unless they have just walked out of a cinema? Don’t writers feel choked by the unoriginality imposed on the whole movie-making project? Note: I don’t see many science-fiction or action movies. If I did, my list of Holywood cliches would probably be quite a bit longer.

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