Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Muhlberger's World History: This blog

Muhlberger's World History: This blog: Dear readers, if you've been reading this blog for a long time you will have noticed that I have been writing a lot less. I used it first when I was teaching undergraduates and placing material such as syllaby and assigments on the web to make them easily available. I also posted pictures and news items that some might find interesting. I also put in random stuff that had no obvious connection to the courses I usually taught. Nipissing University was a small place and you could not expect it to offer everything.

They said. I didn't buy it.

So I used the blog to draw attention to events and trends, current and historical that I thought were not adequately covered, while still discussing my ongoing research on deeds of arms in the late Middle Ages.

Then things changed. I retired, and had no students. I wrote some books, which summarized my conclusions on the significance of deeds of arms. And as far as current events, a lot of people woke up and started writing about the things that I had been watching. Quite a few of them were more informed about their favorite subject than I could be.

And my Parkinson's got worse which made writing a chore. Right now I am only using two fingers, and it's slow.

What then is this blog good for? I am going to use it to save things that are of particular interest to me, and perhaps to my small number of faithful readers. They and whatever others who stumble across the blog are welcome to respond: steve.muhlberger@gmail.com

And the past posts constitute a small treasure trove of historical material. Have a look.

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