Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Last Duel

Just recently an official trailer for a Hollywood film, hhas been released to the web. I am very interested for, a number of reasons. First, it claims to be a true story about a real duel of1386 . ,

As I have written a book on judicial duels, I’m interested in what the author and the director, (Eric Jaeger and RidleyScott) have done with a difficult stortScott is an eminent figure in film and he has made movies about duels and other “deeds of arms” Gladiator, say,

In fact, Scott’s very first movie the Duelists was about two officers in opposed armies of the Napoleonic era who fight a parallel war in the form of a running duel which seems to be more important than their personal war.

See the Duelists if you can. It is extraordinary..

Most of the comments i have seen have been complaints by reenactors who are unhappy with the armor and costumes. I suggest that this is not what Scott wanted to focus on. It likely will come across as a very serious film. And if we moderns may feel unhappy with the conclusion of the story/duel, well so did people in 1386.

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