Monday, August 23, 2021

Korean romance

I have been watching South Korean TV series lately, with an emphasis on historical flicks. I quite like them. Some are movies like other movies. Some are quite excellent. Can I recommend again Mr. Sunshine/p One characteristic is the handling of romantic elements. This is often really good. Of course South Korea is famous these days for romance in music, too, so that should be no surprise. This kind of emphasis appeals to teenagers anywhere.../p I am now watching Clown and King on Netflix. One of the major plots involves a young Korean king and a young queen falling in love. There are various barriers keeping them apart. Nevertheless they talk to each other and speak eloquently about what love is or should be. A couple of eloquent passages. The young queen, when asks what she expects to get out of love, says:
I am here to laugh and cry together...
The young king answers a similar question:
[I am here] to see you with a bright smile, even just once.
And the visual element is really amazing.

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